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    • Email is One of the Best Internet Marketing Tools

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      Some people criticize me for emailing my list as often as I do. Maybe they are right, but hey-it works for me! I have major conversions and a super loyal list of subscribers…so maybe, just maybe, I know what I’m doing! I believe email is one of the best internet marketing tools around!

      So yes, I email my readers a lot. I like to keep in constant contact with them…and since I consistently have some of the highest response rates from my lists I will continue to email my list–even every day-whether other “experts” think it is right or not!

      There is an important point to why this works for me and if you will want to follow this too. You are not going to give your list a straight sales pitch…99% of the time you won’t. Some people are good at that kind of email…but that’s not what I focus on.

      Instead, I recommend you focus your time, effort and energy on giving your list content, content and more content. At the same time, every time you give them content you ask for some sort of sale at the end. I say “some sort of sale” because you may not be asking them to literally buy something…you may want them to go watch a video, or check out some cool free tool you just learned about…whatever. Even thought there isn’t a dollar exchanged it is still a “sale”…or it is also called a “call to action.”

      My list is responsive because I give them lots of excellent content in my emails-for free. That helps build trust. My subscribers know they will learn a lot from me…and anyone I recommend. And they will be thinking, in the back of their minds, if he gives away such good stuff for free, the stuff I pay for will be even better.

      Look, there are plenty of places people can go to get information. They can go to the library. They can go to a local expert. And of course they can search online. More and more people are getting more and more of their information from the internet…but it is not always easy to know what information you can really rely on.

      So your goal, as an internet marketer is to be that resource…if you are in the quilting niche, be the best source of information on quilting. You may not start out as the best…but have that as your goal!

      Refer your subscribers to other resources when it is appropriate. You can do that through your emails…you can say “Hey, I was just at QuiltExpoXYZ and I met Sue Smith who was demonstrating this incredible quilting technique, and I think you will really like to learn more about it…”

      We normally think of great internet marketing tools as ones that make you money…well, you might not make a dime off that email referral in terms of actual dollars…at least not right away. What you will earn is customer trust and loyalty. And that will have a much bigger impact on your bottom line in the long run than a couple of sales today!

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    • Jobs For Teens Under 18 – Make Money Online in a Quick Manner

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      I just wanted to share the exact free way that I made money, because they can be awesome jobs for teens under 18. In fact, it’s probably something you have tried before, but have since given up on them because of something beyond your control. I will share two very simple tips, which will make sure that this is always a good money maker for you.

      Let’s get to the main point now. I am talking about paid surveys, which are free and always will be. Like I said earlier, you have probably taken your fair share of surveys in the past. There’s also a very strong chance that you’ve given up on them, mostly because you weren’t getting very much cash from the sites you were joining. This is a very common problem, but it’s not because there aren’t very high paying survey sites out there. There are tons of them. You just weren’t looking for them the right way. The following info will make darn sure they become sweet jobs for teens under 18.

      To help avoid future low paying survey sites, you need to avoid search engines. Never use their assistance, because you just get horrible, outdated lists of low paying places. That’s the number one cause of so many people getting involved with bad survey websites. Next, you need to concentrate on how you’ll find the top dollar places, which continue to be amazing jobs for teens under 18. This part is very easy and painless. You use the strengths of large forums to your advantage. Why? Because these huge, well established sites are the one place on the net where you have a full range of totally honest knowledge about surveys. These forums are very strict about spam and the awful, misleading info that some people post in the topics. They take all of it out.

      That’s the awesome part. You will be left with tons of totally honest info, from people just like you. It’s all in the archives, too, which is where you can skim through so many topics about surveys. That’s exactly what you’ll want to do, too. Jump in and spend some of your spare time there. You’ll run into so many valuable posts, from people chatting about the different survey sites they’ve joined lately. You’ll see which ones are paying well, which will be the best jobs for teens under 18, and you will see which ones you should keep away from. Just a tiny bit of browsing can lead you to the real money makers.

      It’s hard enough to find jobs for teens under 18, which is why something so easy shouldn’t be passed up.

      Here is a free Top 5 List of Paid Survey Sites, which are the ultimate Jobs for Teens Under 18.

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    • Internet marketing online: an effective way to market a product

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      Over the years, the internet took a more important place in the development of businesses as it is one of the more cost-effective and a time saving way to market a product. Internet marketing online helps you to make your business grow by making your product and services more accessible to the customers and therefore create substantial incomes for the companies. Online advertisement is seen as one of the more effective way to reach targets and make potential clients find the products they are looking for.

      Online marketing includes website design and conception, search engine optimisation, pay-per-click, affiliation and email marketing. Indeed over the time, internet users behaviours have changed and the scepticism from the beginning seems to disappear and clients are now more than incline to buy on the internet instead of going to a shop. The two main reasons behind these changes are that, it seems more convenient to more people and it is often cheaper to buy online. In fact in the past most people were reluctant to buy on the internet because they were afraid because of security matters and scammers. Over the time, the technologies were more and more able to ensure safe transactions.

      Efficient and well conceived internet marketing online strategies can definitely make a business rise and out rank competitors but on the other hand it can seriously harm the business reputation if not use in the right way. In fact with a good search engine optimisation strategy, which is the more cost effective strategy, companies can help prospects to find the product easily and more overly they are trying to get to the product so there is an important probability that they would buy the product once they find what they were looking for. With the appearance of social networks, the internet became the playground of many people who come to meet new people and to share their life styles.


      JIm Maul is an Internet marketing online professional passionate about internet and new technologies. He spends most of his time on the internet looking for new trends.


    • 4 Deadly Email Marketing Mistakes That You Must Avoid

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      Are you using email marketing to stay in touch with your prospects and provide them with useful information? If you are not doing so, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. Email marketing is one of the most effective methods to build relationship and drive sales. It is easier to sell to someone that you know rather to a stranger. If you provide value to your list subscribers, they will be more receptive to take action on any offer that you present to them in the future.

      A list is your asset because it allows you to drive traffic and sales on demand. With a click of a button, you can access to a group of targeted audience instantly. Although email marketing sounds simple, it is not. Many email marketers make mistakes that spoil relationship with their subscribers and destroy any chance of getting sales.

      Now, let me share with you 4 deadly email marketing mistakes that you must avoid:

      1. Sending emails too frequently to your subscribers. If you send emails too frequently to your subscribers, they will see you as a spammer. The frequency is really dependant on the type of list that you are collecting. For example, if your list delivers a daily forex course, it is perfectly fine to send an email daily. If people join your list for updates, then a weekly or bi-weekly email will be good.

      2. Poor content. If every email is a sales pitch or promotion, you will not get results from email marketing. You must deliver some real value to your subscribers. Send them free gifts, industry information and updates. When you are writing the content of your email, remember that your readers do not care so much about you. What they want to know is what’s in it for them. Your email should have more “you” than “I”.

      3. Poor subject line. Your email open rate is directly influenced by its subject line. If your subject line cannot capture your visitors’ attention, they will not open it. When you are preparing an email campaign, always come up with at least 10 subject lines so that you can choose the best one for the campaign.

      4. No call to action statements in emails. This is the most common mistakes made my many email marketers. If you want your readers to click on your link and visit your website, you must include call to action statements in your emails. Just putting a link in your email is not enough. You must tell your readers what to do next.

      Hope that you don’t make these 4 mistakes when it comes to email marketing. Start building your list now!

      Cheow Yu Yuan is the co-founder of OOm, an online marketing agency providing email marketing service.

    • Email Marketing Systems – The Top 5 Features the Experts Recommend

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      There are hundreds if not thousands of email marketing systems to choose from. However, just as with anything in life it pays to shop around. The cheapest systems don’t have all the features you need for effective, long-term marketing. Below are the most important things to look for in email marketing systems.

      – Email leads are a must. You will spend a lot more money paying for leads and email marketing separately than you will spend on having these two items incorporated in one service.

      – Some email systems only allow you to import leads purchased for the hosting company. This is not preferable, because there are always situations in which you may have warm market or other leads that you need to add to your campaign. Make sure that you can input your own leads as well.

      – Some systems provide landing pages you can use in your website marketing to help generate additional leads. Others allow you to link in your own landing pages. Either way, being able to automate the transition of data from landing page to autoresponder is valuable.

      – An autoresponder is an automatic given in these systems. Make sure the autoresponder allows for multiple emails to be sent on a specified schedule. You should also have the option to reset the schedule. For example, if a prospect does not opt out but does not accept your offer or opportunity before the email campaign ends, you should be able to reset their status to the first email in the campaign to resend.

      – Your chosen system should also have an automated opt-out system. A link is placed at the bottom of all of your emails automatically. When someone clicks on the opt-out link, they follow simple instructions to confirm their request. All emails to that person are then automatically stopped, with no manual action required.

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    • Email Marketing Campaign Set-Up

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      Email marketing works for any business, even an offline business like a hairdressing salon – as long as it’s done correctly! In a nutshell, email marketing is a time based, proven ‘tool’ for ultimately generating profits. This is achieved through building a positive relationship with your customers over time.

      Email marketing is an online extension of traditional marketing, whereby you acquire ‘prospects’ by capturing their contact information and then sending them promotional material via email. The success of your email promotions rely solely on the response from your opt-in lists.

      But, your ‘prospects’ need motivation first, before providing you with their contact details; and secondly, before parting with any money for any products that you pitch to them. You have to give your ‘prospects’ a good reason to hand over their contact information; and a better reason to be given permission to pitch your products to them. The only way this will happen is if you give them something they respect and value.

      The easiest way to give your ‘prospects’ value is to give them answers or solutions to their problems. Everyone has a problem of some sort. By providing useful, valuable, relevant information that your ‘prospects’ want, you’ll encourage them not only to give you their contact details but also permission to pitch to them in the future.

      Do NOT make the mistake of ‘selling’ the answer or solution to your ‘prospects’ problem immediately. Your first priority must be to develop trust with your ‘prospects’ which will only happen by you giving freely first.

      From the moment you’ve convinced someone to hand over their contact details to you, your relationship with them has begun. They’ll see you as an expert in your field – someone they’ll be inclined to believe and listen to. They’ll expect you to treat them fairly and also expect quality from you.

      Trust is critical in email marketing. If your ‘prospects’, who opt-in and become your ‘subscribers’, believe in you, they will respond positively to your product offers, provided you are selling something of value and not trash! Most marketers agree that a prospect must receive a pitch on average 7 times before they actually respond.

      Did you know that whether your business is offline or online, 60% of your sales will come from your existing customer base – this is a fact! So the greatest value in marketing is that of repeat customers. You can market different products to your email ‘subscribers’ over a period of time. However, this will only work if you’re able to identify your ‘target market’s’ problems and create products or services with their answers and solutions. Failing to do this, will result in unhappy subscribers and a cold list of unresponsive subscribers.

      Building a relationship with your list takes time, effort and maintenance involving regularly providing information that your subscribers are likely to want. This is the cardinal rule of marketing – the ‘I want’ factor, not what I need!

      Tip: Even though it’s not a good idea to ‘sell’ too soon in your campaign, there’s no harm in subliminally promoting your product in your signature at the end of each email by inserting a link back to your pitch page that answers or solves the problem!

      Here are 14 ideas for email promotions:

      Announce weekly “specials”
      Host “Customer Only” events
      Send appointment reminders
      Follow-up with your hottest leads eg word-of-mouth referrals
      Offer electronic “loyalty coupons”
      Send follow-up offers
      Develop relationships by offering free information eg newsletters, reports, downloads, trial versions of software
      Encourage referrals eg send to a friend
      Deliver your product electronically
      Sell your knowledge
      Promote an ‘educational’ course
      Survey your subscribers or customers
      Offer a bonus
      Give away free tips, reviews, reports or audio recording

      Fran Piggott is an experienced marketer and always looking for ways to increase sales for her clients. She is the author of AWeber On Steroids – Discover 18 superpower tactics for managing your most valuable asset in Internet marketing!

    • Affiliation Hypnosis

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      When do our affiliations (political, religious, lifestyle, etc) get in the way of our ability to see clearly?

      Do your affiliations cause you to turn your back on those who don’t see things the way you do?

      This question has been up for me lately. I have noticed that as humans, we love to be affiliated with a group. Our affiliation often causes us to stand for the group’s beliefs and suppress or ignore our own, personal truths. There is a tendency to loose our clear vision in our desire to be included in something beyond ourselves.

      This happens in relationships as well. One or both people will give up their individuality to be a part of an “us”, later wondering “Where did I go? Who am I? I don’t know where I end and you begin anymore.”

      Strong affiliations are behind mob mentality, cult membership, terrorism, gang membership, and let’s face it, all religious and political groups desire to swing the beliefs of their members in a particular direction. This is what I’m suggesting you look out for in your own life.

      A few days ago I was having lunch with a dear friend, and the subject of vegetarianism came up. I was a strict vegetarian (also vegan for a while) in the past and my friend was asking advice as she and her husband are on a path toward vegetarianism. The reason they are on this new path is because of a class we are all in which strongly suggests vegetarianism to its members.

      I think vegetarianism is great, and I recommend it to anyone who desires it. Something I noticed, however, is that during the years I was vegetarian and vegan, I was closely affiliated with other vegetarians and vegans, and I had some judgments and negative attitudes toward people who ate the animals. This is the very reason people who are not vegetarian often avoid eating or discussing food with vegetarians. They feel judged.

      The same is true for my religious background. I was raised Lutheran. (I have nothing against the Lutheran religion; this is strictly a personal insight!) I noticed a desire to prove that I was participating in the “right” religion, and I would even debate about it with my Catholic boyfriend in high school!

      Sometimes this desire to be right is so subtle that it is undetectable until we take out a microscope and really do some soul searching. (We seem to be able to see this much more clearly in others than in ourselves, don’t you think?)

      Today I received a forward from a female friend who is a smart and beautiful person. The email contained derogatory jokes about Hillary Clinton, all told by men, making negative remarks about Hillary as a potential presidential candidate. Now politically I have not spent my time supporting Hillary, but I was really struck by these degrading comments. This is my response to the negativity toward Hillary:

      We are at a time in history where women are finally able to participate in politics and have jobs that were “unthinkable” for women in the near past. It wasn’t long ago that women were not allowed to vote!

      Regardless of your personal feelings about Hillary or your political preference, I think it’s important to look at the bigger picture and notice we may have a WOMAN running for president. How many women have accomplished what she has in such an exclusively man’s world (politics)?

      Yes, this is a blatant women’s lib speech, and I think we need to support the women in our culture who are paving the way for our daughters and sons to have truly equal rights.

      Choose your affiliations carefully; stand for what your heart tells you is true, and notice where you are judging people based on their religious, political, lifestyle, and relationship choices. I could quote a bible verse here but I’ll spare you!

      Waxela Sananda (pronounced wa-shay-la) has been on a quest for transformation for 15 years. Waxela is a wellness consultant and energy healer, currently working toward a masters degree in holistic nutrition. Her interests and studies include religion, metaphysics, energy balancing, shamanism, aromatherapy, Reiki, custom made jewelry, and she has a degree in visual studies design from Iowa State University. Waxela has been a retail business owner for 16 years, she currently resides in Austin Texas where she owns a web based business “SpiritMama”.

      Waxela is a clothing and jewelry designer. All of her designs focus on enhancing the spiritual energy of those who wear them. Her conscious clothing made of spun bamboo and organic cotton can be seen at SpiritMama.com. Jewelry and Feng Shui designs in bamboo by Waxela and Lisa Coltman can be found at WindWaterBamboo.com (coming soon)

      Waxela Sananda

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    • 3 Tips To Boost Your Email Based Marketing Efforts

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      Email based marketing is one of the most effective and efficient uses of your efforts when marketing on the internet. By building a list of email addresses which you can promote to over and again you are able to better coordinate both your efforts and time. In order to maximize your marketing effectiveness using this strategy however there are certain things you should do.

      Here are 3 ‘codes of behavior’ every email marketer should abide by in order to make the most out of promotional efforts.

      Enough About You Already!

      Remember that your email is a promotional message and not an ‘exchange’ at a social network site. You can NOT expect readers to take a lot of time reading about you since – THEY DO NOT CARE! They want to know what you can do for them it is as simple as that.

      The first thing you must identify as an email marketer is to keep your focus on your readers. By doing this you will be able to keep their attention on the messages you are sending which will end up helping to increase your marketing effectiveness.

      Be Brief

      Get to the point of your message immediately but avoid being brunt or rude about it. Make your point but do not drag on – it is only an email! Your list members are much like everybody in that they got other things to do so respect their time.

      If your email needs to be longer in length to get the message across break it up into two separate emails to do so.

      Stay on Point

      Your email should remain focused on the intent of the message you want it to convey. By rambling or drifting you will quickly lose your reader. Make your point clearly and stay on topic.

      Do not try to cover more than one subject at a time in any email. As an email marketer you need to consider each correspondence more like short notes so do not waste words.

      Email based marketing is one of the most efficient ways to promote online. Having a list of email addresses willing to accept your promotional messages can save you a lot of time and energy. There are however certain ways as mentioned above in which every email marketer can improve their messages to give them more impact. By clearly conveying the point of your email and avoiding needless ‘chit chat’ you can easily improve the marketing effectiveness of your campaign.

      TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
      To learn more about email based marketing and to also receive a free instructional manual that teaches valuable niche research techniques simply visit:http://blogbrawn.com/

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